The name of our organization is based on our vision of the labor market and research: Toptalent can be found in the longtail and they behave differently on the labor market. Therefore, the hiring selection process of these individuals is a specialism.



We would like to assist you in the search for roles in a wide range of functional areas. We possess an extensive track record in mediating professionals in commerce (sales, marketing, business development, e-commerce), HR, and Finance. With regard to seniority levels, we focus on young executives (3 – 15 years of work experience) as well as managers, directors, and C-level executives.

Executive search

Clients and sectors

We provide services for both medium-sized businesses (often family or PE-owned businesses) and multinational enterprises.


Our search process is in-depth, enabling us to achieve an optimal match. Through an intake, we translate business challenges of our clients into recruitment sources and selection criteria. Accordingly, we identify and qualify suitable candidates. In the final phase, we focus on references and unify candidates and clients. A fundamental principle at Longtail is that we are evidence-based in our advice to both our clients and candidates.

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Bart Dietz’s podcast on toptalent

This podcast addresses how employers should differently approach toptalent.

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We are happy to assist you in your search for an interim professional. Longtail established an extensive network of interim professionals. Due to frequent contact with these professionals, we have a clear overview of their track records and availability. Fulfilling an interim role is often characterized by high urgency, therefore we developed an efficient process for interim mediation by which we can fulfill these type of positions within approximately one working week.

Personnel Psychology

Evidence Based

Research (O’Boyle & Aguinis, 2012) illustrates that a so-called ‘norm of normality’ is incorrect and that toptalent can, instead, be found in the longtail. This means that talent is not ‘normally distributed’ or centered around the mean. On the contrary, there are considerably more low- than highly talented people and the differences between ‘the best and the rest’ are tremendous.

According to research by McKinsey, toptalent could be up to 800% more productive than average employees (link). In other words, these talents can achieve results in a week which would take an average employee two months. At Longtail, we understand toptalent and their specific wishes and needs like no other. Recruiting and selecting toptalent is a unique profession (link). Because of our expertise and experience, we can be considered specialists in the recruitment and selection of toptalent. In the Longtail.

Meet our Team

Bart Dietz (1978) is Partner at Longtail. Bart has a business degree and has an entrepreneurial and customer-oriented mindset. For clients and candidates, this means that their interests are central to his working methods. He is an analytical, no-nonsense professional with a focus on results. In his career as a headhunter and co-owner of a leading Executive Search Agency, Bart has gained a lot of experience in the recruitment and selection of toptalent in a wide range of positions in different sectors. As a headhunter, he worked closely with multinationals such as Ahold, Philips and L'Oréal, but also with smaller (often private equity and family) businesses. Bart is part-time affiliated with the Rotterdam School of Management, where he publishes, among others, on the successful recruitment of toptalent.

Bart Dietz


As Management Assistant at Longtail Erica supports Bart and the team; planning and organizing is what energizes her. Erica has a substantial track-record in Management Assistant roles. For instance at AFAS Live, Starbucks UK and Pon Holdings. She lives in Muiden, with her husband and dog.

Erica Bakker 

Management Assistant

As a Research Associate of Longtail, Maiko assists in the searches for our clients. Maiko studied Business Administration (BSc) and Human Resource Management (MSc) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Maiko Huyts

Research Associate

As a Research Associate of Longtail, Merel assists in the searches for our clients. Merel studied Economics (BSc) at the University of Amsterdam and Environment & Resource Management (MSc) at the VU Amsterdam.

Merel Mattijssen

Research Associate

As a Research Associate of Longtail, Nadia assists in the searches for our clients. Nadia studied International Business (BSc) at the University of Groningen and Human Resource Management (MSc) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Nadia Tuller

Nadia Tuller

Research Associate

As a Research Associate of Longtail, Guido assists in the searches for our clients. Guido studies Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Nadia Tuller

Guido Hout

Research Associate

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